Online Closings for Real Estate Sales

Online Closings for Real Estate Sales

Remote Online Notarization or a Virtual Real Estate Closing allows a buyer or seller to digitally sign official documents like a deed, affidavits, and even a mortgage from anywhere in the world.  While this technology has been around for years, it only became legal and accepted during the Covid situation. States rapidly passed legislation so that buyers and sellers of real estate could proceed with transactions without having to physically attend a closing.

Pro Explanation:  When you do an online closing, you’re basically combining Docusign with a Zoom call.  The Notary and the Signer meet online and sign the documents on a digital signing platform like Docusign while interacting on a live video feed that’s recorded.

Examples of situations where an Online Real Estate Closing saved the day;

  • A missionary buying a home in PA, but still living in Africa, two days from a US Embassy which can notarize US documents.
  • Seller traveling in Mexico during closing
  • A buyer unable to attend closing due to a work emergency

A Remote Online Notary, often abbreviated as RON, is a notary public who is authorized to perform notarial acts online.

In a traditional notary setting, individuals physically sign documents in the presence of a notary public. With RON, the signing can occur electronically, and the notary can remotely witness the process. Once the signing is complete, the notary electronically notarizes the document, adding their digital signature and seal.

One of the critical aspects of notarization is verifying the identity of the individuals involved. RON platforms use advanced identity verification methods, such as knowledge-based authentication, biometrics, and multi-factor authentication. These measures enhance the security of the notarial process, ensuring that the right parties are involved.

Pennsylvania laws:  Remote Online Notary and Remote Online Closings are legal in PA, however, there are a few counties where the recorder of deeds has extra rules or may not yet accept RON documents.  Speak to a licensed and approved online notary at Capstone Land Transfer to assist you with your virtual real estate closing.  

In other states:  The adoption of RON is subject to state and jurisdictional regulations. Many jurisdictions have recognized the validity of remote notarizations, while others are in the process of updating their laws to accommodate this digital shift. It is essential to be aware of the legal framework in your area and ensure that any remote notarization adheres to applicable regulations.

Remote Online Notary services have several benefits, including increased accessibility, flexibility, and efficiency. Individuals can have their documents notarized from anywhere in the world, saving time and reducing the need for travel. Additionally, RON allows for notarizations to occur outside regular business hours, accommodating diverse schedules.

Contact Capstone Land Transfer to arrange your Online Real Estate Closing with a PA Online Notary.

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