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Wire Fraud

Wire fraud is a type of financial fraud that involves the use of electronic communication methods, such as email or phone calls, to deceive individuals or organizations into transferring funds. Perpetrators often pose as legitimate entities, manipulating victims into wiring

Common Title Issues and How Title Insurance Protects Against Them

Title insurance plays a vital role in safeguarding homeowners against a variety of potential title issues that could arise during or after the purchase process.  While the insurance itself provides coverage, many times issues affecting a property are discovered and

Why We Ask for Your Social Security Number

One of our most frequently asked questions is why we ask for social security numbers. Since 9/11, Title Companies have been required to run the Patriot Act Search on those involved in a Real Estate sale. It is also our

Real Estate Legal Services in PA


The ALTA Settlement Statement, also known as the HUD-1 Settlement Statement or simply the closing statement, is a standardized form used in real estate transactions in the United States. It is provided to both the buyer and the seller at

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